Maker: Hoffman Family
Title: Besuch in der Aug. Bebel Str./Rainers Geburtstag/Weihnachten 1955
Year: 1955
Country: East Germany
Item Type: film
Physical Descriptors: 8mm; silent; b&w
Series/Collection: Hoffman Collection
Duration: 11:45

Home movie from East Germany. Handwritten title card: “Besuch in der August Bebel Str. August 1955” (Visit at August Bebel Street, August 1955). Children play board game on small outdoor balcony; adults come outside, pose for camera. View of surrounding apartment buildings and trees. Boy deals out cards; others fool around for camera. [3:49 change of scene to indoors] Guests sit around table, drink from aperitif glasses, toast one another and camera. [7:39] Title card: “Weihnachten 1955” (Christmas 1955). Family eats at table with Christmas tree and gifts in background. Son plays with miniature store; daughter plays with doll house. Title card: “Ende!” (The End!)

ID Number: 2009.032.030

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