Politics of Happiness: Dreams of the Future from the Collection of The Wende Museum

Monday, February 11 – Saturday, March 2, 2013
Fine Arts Gallery, California State University, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90052

In The Meadows

Soviet artists, writers and ideologues successfully created a new grammar of universality, one that promised the world equitable modernization, rapid industrialization, economic equality, the creation of a welfare state, and liberation of women from the patriarchal family. Explore how these revolutionary ideas became embedded in innovative art forms through a selection from the collection of The Wende Museum. For more information on the exhibit, visit Fine Arts Gallery, CSULA website here or read the press release here.

This exhibition was curated by CSULA faculty members Choi Chatterjee and Scott Wells, with the assistance of Donna Stein and Cristina Cuevas-Wolf of The Wende Museum and Karin Lanzoni of the CSULA Fine Arts Gallery, as well as the students in the Winter 2013 CSULA Honors College course, “Global Citizenship: Voices and Contexts”. Financial support for the exhibition was provided by the CSULA College of Natural and Social Sciences, the CUSLA Honors College, the CSULA Department of History, and CSULA alumni Steve Reyes and Patrick Lynch. Special thanks also to Dean James P. Henderson, Dr. Michelle Hawley, and Dr. Cheryl Koos. The Wende Museum wishes to thank Dr. Barry Munitz for his encouragement and insight.