Wish List

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The Wende Museum gladly accepts in-kind donations of some goods and services.  In-kind donations can help stretch the Museum’s budget and may offer you a tax benefit.*

All donation offers must be reviewed and accepted by the Museum in advance of delivery.

To speak with someone about making an in-kind donation, please contact Deputy Director Donna Stein 310-216-1600 x 301 or email dstein@wendemuseum.org

  1. License Upgrade for Re: Discovery.  Re:Discovery is the cataloguing system the museum uses to document and record every artifact that is accessioned into the collection. At-risk artifacts are coming to the Museum more than ever before. The current license only allows access to 2 concurrent users. Increasing the concurrent user number from 2 to 3 would permit another person to enter data into the database and would increase cataloging efficiency. $2,430
  2. Scanner EPSON Expression 10000 XLGA. We need a large document size flatbed scanner with excellent resolution to scan archival collections (i.e. documents, menus, & magazines). The images will then be made available on the Museum’s new interactive Website at www.wendemuseum.org$2,700
  3. THOMAS HILL ‘WENDE’ POSTER COLLECTION. An important one-of-a-kind collection of 150 original posters and graphic design prints from the ‘Wende’ era in Germany in 1989/1990, emphasizing cultural productions from that period including advertisements for operas, plays, cabaret, and performances. The acquisition would fill a vital place in The Wende Museum’s collection of materials related to this period of spectacular transformation. $10,000

  4. Art Rack Expansion. The Museum’s current art rack has reached capacity and with 200 new paintings from the former Soviet Union arriving in the next months, we need to add new sliding panels to accommodate the most important acquisitions. $4000 

  5. Named host for a lecture/forum on ‘surveillance.’ Next year we are planning two talks that revolve around the theme of ‘surveillance’ in our lives, then and now. The first forum will be sponsored by Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Fulbright Association. The Museum will provide the location and the host will provide a stipend for the speaker/s, travel arrangements as well as sponsor a reception. $2,500

  6. Sponsor online interactive community forum for the Museum’s new Website, which will make available online exhibitions and facilitate dialogue with scholars and students who contact us to learn more about our collections and Cold War history. $5,000

  7. A software module that will allow us to upload our database onto the web, making the collection accessible online. $1,250 / year

  8. Sponsor a work-studies student from USC or UCLA. This funding will match the universities contribution. The student gets money for college and the Museum gains greatly needed assistance. $1,000/semester

  9. Dataloggers Dickson TP 125. Basic monitoring devices for the museum. Each datalogger keeps track of Temperature and Relataive Humidity fluctuations in the Galleries and Vault. Three more are needed. $199/each

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*Please consult your tax professional to discuss tax deductibility and your personal options and circumstances.