Other Resources

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Institutional Partners

Albanian Human Rights Project (AHRP)
Berlin Wall Memorial
George Mason University: Freedom Without Walls
German Consulate in Los Angeles
Robert Havemann Gesellschaft e.V.:  Archiv der DDR-Opposition
Nixon Presidential Library and Museum
Regimes Museum
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library
US Observation Post Point Alpha

Mutual Endorsements

The Culver Hotel
Radisson Hotel

Berlin Wall

Public History Projects

Atomic Archive
Wilson Center: Cold War International History Project

Trug und Schein Trug und Schein: an exchange of letters

The organizers of this crowdsourcing history project want the readers to follow the letters of Hilde und Roland and discover the identities, the stories, and the histories of the protagonists for themselves. Feel free to start to write the histories or other analyses of the letters on the Wikis! On this site, the readers get to make the scholarship. The letters are currently available only in German.

Teaching Resources