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Board of Directors

E. Alex Albert, Ares Management
Thomas E. Backer, Ph.D., California State University Northridge*
Anthea Case, The Arcadia Fund
Fiona Chalom, Ph.D., Pepperdine University*
Rick A. Feldman, Consultant*
Honor Fraser, Honor Fraser Gallery
David Gordon, Gordon Advisory LLC* 
Alan R. Jampol, Jampol Zimet Skane & Wilcox LLP
Justinian Jampol, Ph.D., Executive Director/Founder, The Wende Museum
Stephen O. Lesser, Author and Philanthropist*
Alan Levy, Tishman International Companies
Jason Post, Post Investment Group*
Edward B. Robin, NAS Insurance Services, Inc.*
Teofilo Ruiz, Ph.D., UCLA Department of History
Dennis Slon, Chairman of the Board, Loyola Marymount University*
Brian Sweeney, ESMoA*
Blaine Vess, Entrepreneur
Jonathan Victor, Balmoral Advisors*
Cascade Wilhelm, Wilhelm Family Foundation
Meridee E. Williams, GEOSCIENCE Support Services, Inc.*

* Member of the Director's Circle


Justinian Jampol, Executive Director/Founder
Jenny Cashman, Business Assistant
Jocelyn Cheung, Visitor Services Assistant
Kate Dollenmayer, Audiovisual Archivist
Mahsa Farhadi, Visitor Services Assistant
Julia Hines, Visitor Services Assistant
Alicia Ide, Director of Business & Administration
Heather Jones-Gibson, Visitor Services Assistant
Carlos Mijangos, Facilities Coordinator
Dany NaiermanGallery & Special Projects Manager
Mariela Nunez, Visitor Services Assistant
Max Perrette, Visitor Services Assistant
Richard Petkovsek, Visitor Services Assistant
Christine Rank, Manager of Information & Registrar
Mila Ratskevich, Visitor Services Assistant
Lukas Richter, Manager of Advancement
Amanda Roth, Manager of Education & Exhibitions
Joes Segal, Chief Curator
Julio Vera, Visitor Services Assistant

Additional Support

John Ahouse, Special Collections Curator
Cristina Cuevas-Wolf, Resident Historian
Jessica Hoffmann, Museum Coordinator
Beate Humann, Storage Manager, Germany
Jessica McCormack, Publicist
Jakob Metzner, Logistics Coordinator, Germany

Council of Advisors

Michael Boyd
Jan and Trish de Bont
Carola Donnerhak
Ellen DuBois
Cornelia Funke
Yehudi Gaffen
Edward Goldman 
Homeira Goldstein
Judith Hoffman
Gloria & 
Willard Huyck
Tom LaBonge
John Levy
Stefania Magidson
Dr. Barry Munitz
Harold B. Nelson
Oren Peli
Rudolf V. Perina, Ph.D.
Rodney Punt
Edward Rothfarb
David & Mag Scott
Sa’ad Shah 
Eva Sweeney
Benedikt Taschen 
Dr. Angela Thompson
Tim Toohey
Skip Victor 
Michael Walsh
Tadzio & Carrie Wellisz
Don Wildman
Brenda G. Williams
Michael & Pat York 


The constant and enthusiastic support of volunteers is the reason for the Wende Museum’s success. Many of the volunteers have been involved with the Museum from its inception. As the Museum continues to grow and attract new supporters, we will always be grateful to those who gave generously of their time and money to ensure that this project thrives.