Justinian Jampol, Executive Director/Founder
Michael Balot-Garza, Education Manager
Amanda Buchanan, Executive Assistant
James Canto, Head of Visitor Engagement
Diana Carrera, Glorya Kaufman Archive Coordinator
Emma Diffley, Exhibition and Programming Coordinator
Andrea Divine, Director of Finance
Julián Gallardo, Head of Facilities
Andrew Hartwell, Communications Manager
Alfredo Hernandez, Facilities Specialist
Justyna Jensen, Accountant
Jamie Kwan, Assistant Curator
Cara Megan Lewis, Deputy Director
Tess Livesley-O'Neill, Archives and Digitization Assistant
Veronica Molidor, Visitor Engagement Associate
Christine Rank, Head of Collections
Sarah Richardson, Archives and Digitization Manager
Rachel Rigdon, Visitor Engagement Lead
Joes Segal, Chief Curator and Director of Programming
Gina Segall, Curatorial and Development Assistant
Kathryn Ung, Collections Associate
Shawne West, Visitor Engagement Associate


Jan and Trish de Bont
Michael Boyd
Choi Chatterjee
Raj & Grace Dhawan
Ellen DuBois
Steven Fisher
Robeson Taj Frazier
Arch Getty
Edward Goldman
Homeira Goldstein
Peter Goulds
Robert Heller
Judith Hoffman
John Levy
Mark Lorrin
Debra Marlin
Synne Miller
Teleia Montgomery
Dr. Barry Munitz
Rodney Punt
David & Beth Ricanati
Gary Richwald
Edward Rothfarb
David & Mag Scott
Sa’ad Shah
Abby Sher
Brian & Eva Sweeney
Benedikt Taschen
Dr. Angela Thompson
Tim Toohey
Skip Victor
Michael Walsh
Tadzio Wellisz
Don Wildman
Brenda G. Williams
Michael Zucker


The constant and enthusiastic support of volunteers is crucial to the Wende Museum’s success. Many volunteers have been involved with the museum from its inception. As the Wende continues to grow and attract new supporters, we will always be grateful to those who gave generously of their time and resources to ensure that this project thrives.

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