April 20, 2017 | 5:00pm
Wende Museum

Art Past Present: Bill Ferehawk and Katya Tylevich

The second installment of the Wende Museum discussion series Art Past Present features contemporary artists sharing their ideas about how the past gives meaning to the present. Chief Curator Joes Segal will moderate an interactive conversation with filmmaker Bill Ferehawk and writer Katya Tylevich as they consider what it means to make art in times of irreconcilable alternative truths.

Bill Ferehawk creates films and moving images. A key subject of his work is architecture, urban design, and the built world. In the summer of 2016, he exhibited a large immersive video installation, MEDIAN, which explored the complex and often difficult adjacencies of Los Angeles’s built environment. He is currently collaborating with artist David Hartwell on a large multimedia installation for the Wende Museum called Vessel of Change, about the historic Malta Conference (aka the Seasick Summit), the symbolic end of the Cold War.

Katya Tylevich is co­-author, with Ben Eastham, of My Life as a Work of Art (Laurence King, 2016), and editor-­at-large for the arts journal Elephant. She has written for the books and exhibitions of many artists, including Todd Hido, Michaël Borremans, Espen Dietrichson, and Doug Aitken. With her brother Alexei, she is co­founder of Friend & Colleague, a platform for fiction and special projects—including collaborations with the Wende Museum, Neutra VDL, and the L.A. Forum.

This project is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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