August 28, 2022 | 5:00pm
The Wende Museum

Flag For Our Times Competition

The Wende Museum is calling for artistic flag design submissions as a part of the “Flag For Our Times” competition. Selected winners will have their flag design printed and displayed at the Wende Museum as a part of a temporary installation, with additional honorees to be spotlighted on the museum’s website and social media accounts.

The Wende’s current exhibition The Medium is the Message: Flags and Banners combines Cold War-era political, ornamental flags from communist countries with contemporary artworks offering critical reflections on the here and now. Historically, flags have had a wide variety of purposes: to symbolize communities, to define borders, and to protest.

With this context in mind, the Wende challenges entrants to create an original design for a flag with a message of dreams for a brighter future or one’s vision of a dreamworld or “utopia.” The flag designs may speak to current events, personal experiences, or the future – or anything in between.

Competition Guidelines:

  • Must be completed on this printable template or on a 6” x 9” rectangle on paper

  • Use only materials that can lay flat (markers, crayons, paint, collage, glitter, etc.)

  • Email scan of completed design as PDF to or return sheet to the Wende Museum

  • Deadline for submissions is August 28, 2022 by 11:59pm

  • Winners will be selected across three age groups: 6-12 years old, 13-18 years old, and 19+ years old

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