August 21, 2022 | 2:00pm
The Wende Museum

Picturing Authoritarianism: Presentation by David Stork

Authoritarian regimes have always fascinated photographer David Stork, who created a body of work starting in the late 1980s covering Romania, China, Central Asia, Russia, and Cuba. He shows societies in various stages of authoritarianism from a traveler’s point of view, ultimately creating a historical archive of a time and place as a reflection of a personal journey through life.

Stork was born in South Africa in 1963. Both his parents were actively involved in civil rights, cultural life, and improving the human condition, and Stork’s Dutch father was a diplomat, moving the family internationally. Upon graduating from university in Los Angeles, Stork moved to France to work in fashion photography but quickly shifted to street photography with a social focus, documenting authoritarian regimes in different stages. However, Stork always worked independently and quietly in the background, creating his own personal stories.

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